The Problem:

How do you build a network of graphic installers or find new ones?

In my experience most graphic installers learn by working at one or two local sign shops. If they are lucky, there is a skilled and knowledgeable installer at one of those shops and they have a chance at becoming a great installer. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. They could easily develop bad habits and lack the knowledge needed to install your graphics properly.

So how do you find new installation companies all over the country? A Google search will return lots of installers but how can you tell which ones know what they are doing by their web site and a phone conversation? If they sound knowledgeable do you cross your fingers and hope the install goes well?

The Solution

Certifications can help your company build an installation network you can rely on. The top certifications test the installer’s knowledge on surface preparation, material properties, and proper installation techniques with a written test. They then test the installer’s application skills using different materials and varying levels of difficulty. Certifications are a lot more thorough than a Google search, and a phone call. An independent evaluator has evaluated the installer’s skill level taking most of the guesswork out of the equation. Some of the certifications also validate the business and whether they are insured.

I have included a list of Certifications to aid you in your search.

Core Graphics & Signs has invested time and money to prove it has the skills to handle your project. Currently we are a PDAA Master Certified Company and an Avery Certified Wrap Installer.